Upcoming Events

Poetry Reading with the Applegate Poets
Thursday, 20 April at Bloomsbury Books (Ashland, OR)

Though I’m a few miles too far away to be a proper “Applegator,” I’m happy to be included in this group that will be reading at Bloomsbury: “The Applegate Poets came together almost three years ago with the encouragement of Lawson Inada, former Poet Laureate of Oregon, who visited the Applegate Valley during Poetry Month in 2014.  Some of the members who attended his workshop at the Ruch Library decided to continue with the workshop idea, and have been meeting once a month since that time.  Most of the poets can be found in the Literary Magazine, From the Heart of the Applegate, published by the Applegate Valley Community Newspaper in 2016.”

Eyes of the Heart:  Two Prophetic Art Workshops in Oregon

Oregonians! You have two more chances to catch the Eyes of the Heart workshop this year. Join me for this day-long workshop that journeys into the heart of prophetic art:

Ashland, Oregon: Saturday, 6 May 2017 at Shepherd’s Way. Register here.

Bend, Oregon: Saturday, 3 June 2017 at Eagle Mountain. Register here.

The School of Creativity:  What is Beauty?
17-20 May at Bethel Church (Redding, CA)

I am honored to be teaching a poetry workshop at this dynamic and equipping school. Join me for my session: “Poetry and the Beautiful Truth: The poet John Keats famously wrote, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty.” Come practice creating with the One who is Truth as you craft beautiful poetry and word-paintings.”

For the Love of Summer:  Paintings by Anna Elkins
1-31 July, Goodbean (Jacksonville, OR)

Summer is celebratory in Jacksonville! With the warm weather and cold drinks, Goodbean coffee shop is one of my favorite spots to meet friends. It’s a treat to have my art on these historic brick walls again.

Past Events


Vignettes & Postcards From Morocco:  Anthology Launch in Fez
22 & 23 March (Fez, Morocco)

As a contributor to (and illustrator of) Vignettes & Postcards From Morocco, I am excited to celebrate this anthology during our Deep Travel Workshop. Join us for the two-part launch in Fez: 22 March at Riad Zany 7 pm, and 23 March Cafe Clock at 6 pm.

Deep Travel Morocco:  The Art of Adventure
17-24 March, 2017 (Fez & Moulay Idriss, Morocco)

Come experience sensory-rich Morocco with adventure writer Tim Cahill. Tim is the founding editor of Outside magazine and the author of Jaguars Ripped my Flesh, Hold the Enlightenment, and many other beloved travel books. We will begin our writing workshop in the Fez Medina—a UNESCO World Heritage Site of over 9,000 byways. From there, we will venture into the Middle Atlas for some retreat time in the mountain village of Moulay Idriss. While in Moulay, we will visit the 2000-year old Roman ruins of Volubilis, tour Morocco’s wine country, and enjoy daily life in this small, enchanting city before returning to Fez. Along the way, we will meet local artists, restaurateurs, change-makers, and storytellers. An adventure awaits you! [For inquiries and registration, email Christina Ammon at: ChristinaAmmonWriter@gmail.com]

Eyes of the Heart Presents Two Workshops
Saturday, 11 March, Maison de l’Europe (Tours, France)

Writing: 10:00-12:00 What is the difference between see and seek? This workshop will explore where writing can take us when we delve beneath surface impressions & walk the paths of the heart. It is there—deep into the interior roads—where we make pilgrimage to the sacred with our words.

Art: 14:00-16:00 Come venture into the history & practice of art that encourages. Learn to hear from the Creator & share what you hear with others. In this safe environment, you’ll be inspired to play in your creative heritage & destiny.

To Register, contact Dianne Parcher: dianne.parcher@gmail.com

March & April, Artist & Gardener (Jacksonville, OR)

Mexican milagros (Spanish for “miracles”) caught my imagination on travels in the past. Over the course of a month, they appeared in my life in three entirely separate ways. I took that as a sign and  found myself painting them by the dozen. Many of those are on display at the charming shop, Artist & Gardener (130 S. Third Street).

Deep Travel Mexico:  The Art of Tranquilo
6-11 February, 2017 (Yelapa, Mexico)

Dreaming of a getaway? Come on journaling retreat to the car-free village of Yelpa on the Bay of Banderas. Spend 5 days and nights in the unpolished perfection of oceanside beauty, fueled by sun, cerveza, and inspiration. After waking in your open-air casa, cross a lagoon barefoot to listen to a short instructional segment on journaling, and then enjoy the day writing, sketching, swimming, hiking, boating, or fishing…or all of the above! This trip will balance rest and adventure. Want to sip a margarita in a hammock? Want to salsa dance in the moonlight? Want to enjoy Huichol art? Want to go spearfishing? Whatever your spectrum of interests, you’ll create plenty experiences to write and/or sketch about. [For inquiries and registration, email Christina Ammon at: ChristinaAmmonWriter@gmail.com

Eyes of the Heart:  Prophetic Art Workshop
Saturday, 21 January, 10-4 at Rainier Assembly of God (Rainier OR)

Join the students of the Northwest School of Supernatural Ministry as we explore prophetic art!


Deck Your Halls:  A Holiday Pop-up Shop
Sunday, 11 December, 1-4 at 571 Thornton Way (Ashland, OR)

Three card-makers, too many Christmas cookies, one solution….a holiday pop-up shop! Nosh on cookies while you shop for greeting cards, ornaments, original art, and holiday cheer. Bring yourself and bring some friends. Stay a few minutes, or linger a while. Mindy, Tara, and Anna look forward to seeing you!

2016 Reprise:  Holiday Art Show
Art Reception: Saturday, December 10, 5:30-8 pm at South Stage Cellars (Jacksonville, OR)

Fine wine, art, live music, treats…it’s the annual holiday group show for all the artists who’ve shown during the calendar year at South Stage Cellars. Festivity!

7th Annual FurnARTure Auction
Sunday, 11 September, 2-5 at The Inn at the Commons (Medford, OR)

Living Opportunities is one of my favorite organizations (and no surprise that they are one of 100 best nonprofits to work for in Oregon!). For their annual fundraiser, artists transform furniture into “furnARTure,” and those masterpieces are auctioned off to support The Studio, where artists with disabilities can come and create. While trying to create a conceptual chair a few years ago, I realized that my gifts are more two-dimensional, so I painted another pair of cats for this year’s bash. The range of art on display is always splendid, but my favorite pieces are always by The Studio artists themselves. Come and see for yourself!

Take Heart
Art Reception: Saturday, 8 October, 5:30-8 pm at South Stage Cellars (Jacksonville, OR)

The paintings in this exhibit celebrate the art of encouragement and the many shapes of the heart. To say “take heart” is to encourage. To encourage is to inspire with spirit and hope. And the Latin root of “encourage” is cor—heart. It all comes back to the heart. Alongside the paintings, I am also launching my new greeting card line, Take Heart, on the night of the reception, October 8. The cards are a mix of encouraging images and poetry: perfect for giving away, keeping for yourself, or both! To continue the cycle of encouragement, I am giving 10% of all art and card sales on the reception night to The Studio at Living Opportunities—and an ongoing 10% of greeting card sales after that. The Studio offers people with intellectual and developmental disabilities a space to come and create art. It’s an organization that lives the power of encouragement. The show will run from 22 September through 9 November.

Floating Artist Project 2016
Thursday, 15 September 5-8 pm at SO Float Spa (Medford, OR)

This is a first for me! Art inspired by floatation therapy. Regional artists will be creating works of art inspired by floating in water so dense with Epson salts, that you can suspend on the surface, weightless and relaxed. Please RSVP for the cake and beverage reception held from 5pm-6pm. Curious to see the flotation tanks? Open house from 6pm-8pm.

7th Annual FurnARTure Auction
Sunday, 11 September 2-5 pm at The Inn at the Commons (Medford, OR)

Living Opportunities is one of my favorite organizations (and no surprise that they are one of 100 best nonprofits to work for in Oregon!). For their annual fundraiser, artists transform furniture into “furnARTure,” and those masterpieces are auctioned off to support The Studio, where artists with disabilities can come and create. While trying to create a conceptual chair a few years ago, I realized that my gifts are more two-dimensional, so I painted another pair of cats for this year’s bash. The range of art on display is always splendid, but my favorite pieces are always by The Studio artists themselves. Come and see for yourself!

Oregon Wine Experience: Art on the Wall
Art Reception: 24 August 1 pm Bingham Knoll (Jacksonville, OR)

“Our Art Wall will be back in 2016! Once again, we will distribute blank canvases to local artists and ask them to create original works of art. The result is an array of unique, eye-catching creations! Chances are there’s something there for everyone. The “wall” is unveiled at Wednesday night’s Medal Reception and every piece is available for bidding. Great art helping a great cause–what’s not to love?”

Anthology Book Launch 
Friday, 19 August 7 pm at Book Passage (Corte Madera, CA)

Join us for the release of two anthologies: Vignettes & Postcards From Paris and Vignettes & Postcards From Morocco. Edited by award-winning writer Erin Byrne, and filled with writers from Pulitzer-Prize winning Michael Chabon to former poet Laureate Billy Collins, these anthologies gather global writers and artists together in beautiful volumes.  I’m thrilled to have poems in each and to have my sketches in the Morocco book.

Poetry Reading
Wednesday, 10 August, 7 pm at Red Lily Vineyards (Jacksonville, OR)

The Applegate Poets are gathering to read flight-inspired poetry before the Applegate Partnership & Watershed Council gathering. The theme of the evening: Winged Migration…with a showing of the film by the same name.

Living Room Concerts at The Crash Pad (Ruch, OR) with Nick Jaina
Sunday, 24 July: concert at 7:30 pm
Friday, 1 July: Potluck BBQ at 7, concert at 8 pm

Nick Jaina is a musician and writer from Portland, Oregon: “Nick’s live performance is an amalgamation of all he has learned from composing for dance and film, all the songs he wrote while touring the country with his band, and all the stories he has compiled in his book. It is a rare combination of storytelling and song. After creating a bed of sound, he reads short passages from his book, such as unsent love letters, or chronicles of Don Quixote-like figures who tried to sail across oceans.” I will be opening for Nick by reading some new micropoetry. Swing by!

Eyes of the Heart: Prophetic Art Workshops
9 July, at Crescent City Foursquare Church (Crescent City, CA)
4 June, at Communaute de la Re-Naissance, (Tours, France)
27 February at Living Waters (Medford, OR)

During this day-long workshop, we’ll blend encounter, lecture, hands-on participation, and outreach as we adventure in the prophetic arts. We’ll examine the scriptural basis for this art form, understand the prophetic as it combines with the arts, see how artists throughout history have been prophetic, hear of contemporary practitioners and their stories, get activated in Kingdom creativity, and get the prophetic arts into our community. For more information and how to register for the workshops, click here.

An Invitation to ae: A Salon
Saturday, 11 June, 6 pm at a private residence (Paris, France)

I am honored to be featured in an old-word style salon! I’ll be sharing about my tagline: art + word + spirit and how that “equation” expresses itself throughout my visual art, writings, and teachings.

Book Tour for Erin Byrne‘s book Wings: Gifts of Art, Life, and Travel in France
15 April, 7 pm at Auntie’s Bookstore (Spokane, WA)
12 April, 7 pm at King’s Bookstore (Tacoma, WA)
11 April, 7 pm at University Bookstore (Seattle, WA)
19 March, 7 pm at Book Passage (Corte Madera, CA)

I had the honor to create over one hundred illustrations for Erin Byrne’s debut book: Wings: Gifts of Art, Life, and Travel in France (published by Travlers’ Tales). “From Cezanne’s studio in Aix-en-Provence to a tiny village in the Jura Mountains, from a cozy bistro on the Left Bank of Paris to a plain high above the Normandy beaches, Erin travels through France collecting stories, characters, tastes, and secrets that act as ingredients for change.” On March 19th, we will help Erin celebrate the debut of this dazzling book! (Can’t make it to the launch? You can purchase prints & et ceteras of some of the illustrations at my online gallery here.)

Weekday Wanderlust
Reading: 3 February, 7 pm at The Rex (San Francisco, CA)

I so look forward to being one of the readers at this delightful literary event! Come by the hotel’s Library Bar ahead of time to get a snack, a drink, or both (even the menu is literary!).

From the Heart of the Applegate
Anthology Reception: 24 January, 3-6 pm at Applegate River Lodge (Applegate, OR)

There’s a new anthology in town…or in the valley. This collection gathers work by writers from across the Applegate Valley, including a poem of mine inspired by William Stafford. Oregon, we love you! Don’t worry: not everyone will be reading. There will be a drawing to see which five contributors will be sharing their work. Come get a glass of wine and find out….

Naked Art: No Frames, No Mats, Great Deals 
Art Reception: 9 January, 12-3 pm at Art Presence Art Center (Jacksonville, OR)

Welcome the New Year with this no-frills exhibit. Come see work hung with clothespins on string–art at it’s un-fancified best. I’ll be showing a spectrum of travel sketches from several continents…and from right down the streets of Jacksonville.

Prophetic Art: Bringing Heaven to E(art)h

As the New Year begins, I’m happy to announce the launch of my newest endeavor: the first prophetic art resource website: PropheticArt.Info. Check it out! I still have much to do and many resources to add. If you’d like to be a part of it, visit the Patreon page and consider becoming a patron of the prophetic arts!


Angels in Jacksonville
Art Reception: 11 December, 4-7 pm at GoodBean (Jacksonville, OR)

Now an annual tradition, the “Angels” exhibit showcases work by regional artists across many media. From silk painting to photography to painting, artists will be sharing our interpretations of the angelic with our community. The show runs the entire month of December. Happy & merry & all the holiday et ceteras!

Two-Part Fun: Art Reception & Reading
I. Art Reception for “Small Treasures”: 5 December, 12-3 pm at Art Presence (Jacksonville, OR)

Our annual celebration of small gifts continues….Find a piece (or two) you love, and you can buy it right off the wall and have one less gift on your list. My inked cats and graphite-sketched feathers are ready and waiting for new homes!

II. Reading: 1 pm, Upstairs at Art Presence

Remembering old-fashioned story times, I’m going to keep it simple and read my “children’s book for grownups,” And: The Story of More. Take half and hour and let yourself be transported to the world of “once upon a time…” as you continue into the holiday season.

Teller for Storytelling Salon
13 November 8:30 pm Private Residence (Paris, France)

Several people from the Deep Travel Storytelling workshop will be spinning their tales during this old-world style literary salon on Ile Saint-Louis.

Guest Speaker for “Your Writing Palette” Workshop by Erin Byrne 
10 November 7:30 pm Shakespeare & Company (Paris, France)

I can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday than sharing a bit about my writing inspiration at the iconic Shakespeare & Company. I’m thrilled to participate in the literary tradition that this bookstore represents. Happy, happy!

Reader at The Spoken Word 
9 November 8:30 pm Au Chat Noir (Paris, France)

Come listen to words and music at this  “home for creatives and lost anglophiles.” I’ll be reading poetry, mais oui!

Travel Vignettes Morocco 
Art Reception: 21 October 6-8 pm Cafe Clock (Marrakech, Morocco)

Come to the iconic Cafe Clock to see a collection of my Moroccan travel sketches on exhibit. Meet storytellers and Deep Travel Workshop participants. Order a camel burger…or just sip mint tea and hang out! The original sketches will be for sale, but you can also order prints if you can’t make it. (Prints available through my Travel Vignettes Morocco gallery.)

Deep Travel Morocco: The Storytelling Workshop
21-30 October (Marrakech & Moulay Idriss, Morocco)

What if you could listen to the last of the Moroccan storytellers? What if they inspired you to go deep and find the story in your heart? On this narrative adventure, you can experience both. Join award-winning writers and an NPR live storyteller who will guide you from the lively cafes of the Marrakech Medina to the peaceful holy city of Moulay Idriss–a perfect place to write and work. Along the way, we will meet the people helping to preserve the dying art of Moroccan storytelling, including a local photographer and restaurateur. While working on your story, you’ll have time to visit nearby Roman ruins, sip clandestine rosé, and savor flavorful tagines before returning to Marrakech to perform your own story at the legendary Café Clock. [For inquiries and registration, email Christina Ammon at: christinaammonwriter@gmail.com]

Elements of Southern Oregon 
Art Reception: 8 October, 4:30-6:30 pm Pioneer Village (Jacksonville, OR)

I am in love with Southern Oregon in general, and Jacksonville in particular! The art in this exhibit portrays elements of our region—both natural and man-made. There are paintings of natural elements: acorns, hemlock, madrone berries. And there are sketches of  man-made elements: vineyard tasting rooms, coffee shops, store facades. In all, a celebration of place.  Show runs until 6 January 2016. Pioneer Village: 805, North 5th Street.

The Hearth: Treasured Objects
Storytelling: 1 October, 7-9 pm (Grants Pass, OR)

Announcing the inaugural event of the Grants Pass chapter of The Hearth! The Hearth is a quarterly storytelling event, gathering everyday people together to tell stories on a theme. Six tellers will explore the theme of  “treasured objects,” interspersed with segments by local musicians. We have a marathon runner, a reliquary maker, a river guide, myself, and more!  Bethany Presbyterian Church, 741 NW 4th.

6th Annual FurnARTure Auction
20 September 2-5 pm Valley View Winery (Jacksonville, OR)

“furnARTure is the signature event supporting The Studio at Living Opportunities. It is a benefit auction featuring the work of local and regional artists…” Proceeds from the auction directly support artists with disabilities: a dynamic combination of arts supporting arts. I’ll have two cat paintings in the auction, “Abbott” and “Costello.” Come adopt them for a great cause!

Art on display at The Sweet Shoppe 
Summer & Fall 2015 (Jacksonville, OR)

Like a welcome sign to Jacksonville, The Sweet Shoppe on the corner of 5th and California is a great spot to enjoy an ice cream. And if you want a bit of quiet, duck into the back room where you’ll find several of my paintings on display.

Oregon Wine Experience: Art Auction
19 August 6-9 pm Bingham Knoll (Jacksonville, OR)

Back by popular demand, the barrel auction of The Oregon Wine Experience will offer wine barrels painted by local artists. Mine is called “Terroir of Southern Oregon.” TerroirThe entire environment influencing the growing of grapes and the production of wine. Terroir includes elevation, sunlight, slope, soil, topography, climate…and wine-making savoir faire. This barrel represents a bit of all of these as found in Southern Oregon. Come bid on a barrel and help support the Asante Children’s Miracle Network.

Book Signing
20 June, 1-3 pm Evangel (Medford, OR)

I am happy to join local authors Lindsay McPhail and Jenna Benton for a Saturday afternoon book signing. Pick up copies from all of us! I’ll have my newest book, And: The Story of More. Come get some summer reads!

Book Fair
2 May, 2015, 11 am-3 pm Oregon Books (Grants Pass, OR)

Celebrate National Independent Bookstore Day with a book signing by dozens of our state’s authors. Food, prizes, fun! I’ll be signing books, including my newest: And: The Story of More. Swing by!

Writers Workshop
10-12 June 2015 (Redding, CA)

“Sow Life. Sow Hope. Sow Change.” That’s the solid motto of this year’s writing workshop out of Bethel Church. There’s a great lineup of speakers covering the gamut of writing from creation process to publication. I’ll be teaching two breakout sessions on poetry and metaphor. Come be inspired!

Be.Loved presents: Take Heart: Prophetic Art Workshop 
17 April 2015 (Sunol, CA)

I’m thrilled to accept Be.Loved’s invitation to share an afternoon workshop in the prophetic arts. We’ll explore the scriptural basis for this art form and trace it throughout history, we’ll “open” the gift of prophecy, we’ll bask in encounter time, and we’ll play with ways to combine the prophetic with the creative arts. Anyone can do this, whether with stick figures or the figures in the Sistine Chapel. No experience necessary. More workshop info and registration details at Eyes of the Heart. And come back the the next day, April 18th, for Be.Loved’s full-day conference!

To Paint is to Love Again: A Retrospective
Art Reception: Saturday, 11 April 5-8 pm at South Stage Cellars (Jacksonville, OR)

Twenty years of my drawings, paintings, and everything in between! The title of the retrospective comes from Henry Miller’s out-of-print book of the same name. In it, he wrote,  “To paint is to love again, and to love is to live to the fullest.” Come and enjoy decades of love and life as captured in art. Show runs from 3 April to 6 March 2015.

Poetry Reading: Saturday, 7 March 3-3:30 pm at Art Presence Art Center (Jacksonville, OR)

Art Presence adds words to its artistic offerings! Starting with the upcoming exhibit, “Impressions,” local authors will have their books for sale at the center. They will also be reading in the newly renovated upstairs classroom during receptions–and I’m happy to be one of them. Come enjoy the reception any time between 12-3 pm…and stick around for poetry at 3. Art Presence is located at 206 North Fifth Street.


Rogue Gallery & Art Center’s 2014 Members’ Exhibit 
Art Reception: Friday, 21 November 5-8 pm at Rogue Gallery & Art Center, (Medford, OR)

This exhibit features art by the Gallery’s members on the theme: “The Sky’s the Limit.” The main gallery will be filled with a wide swath of interpretations. Come enjoy work by local and regional artists, including my painting, “The Smile of Sky.”  Show runs through 19 December at 40 South Bartlett Street.

Angels in Jacksonville
Art Reception: 12 December, 4-7 pm at GoodBean (Jacksonville, OR)

This show was so popular last year, that GoodBean is doing it again! Come enjoy a range of angelic interpretations in the heart of Historic Jacksonville to get you in the holiday spirit. I’ll be trekking somewhere in Nepal when the reception happens, but if you’re in town, do stop by for it. The show runs from 30 November to 19 December. Merry, merry!

Deep Travel Nepal
Intensive Writing Workshop: 29 November-8 December 2014 (Kathmandu, Pokhara, Nepal)

Deep Travel Nepal  is an intensive writing workshop with a philanthropic bent. On this trip, we will ask ourselves: how does writing make the world better? How can we use writing to expand our compassion? We will be meeting people who are doing both by serving people, animals, and causes in Nepal. As we connect with them, those they work with, and ourselves, we will begin to see how our individual story connects with the universal story. This interconnectedness is at the heart of Deep Travel. I will be teaching poetry on this incredible adventure. Learn more at Deep Travel Nepal, and see a virtual itinerary here.

Small Treasures
Art Reception: Saturday, 8 November 12-3 pm at Art Presence Art Center  (Jacksonville, OR)

Small paintings, assemblages…gifts of all kinds and varieties. Fill your holiday shopping list with local art. I’ve created an entirely new line of small works I’m excited to exhibit–come and see! The show runs November through December. Art Presence is located at 206 North Fifth Street.

Little Art Show
Art Reception: Saturday, 25 October 1-4 pm at Toucan Gallery (Billings, MT)

Once upon a time, I worked at this fine gallery in college. Though I won’t be there for the reception, I’ll be there in spirit to see to see a myriad of work by artists from near and far: “More than a hundred, unframed, postcard-sized pieces will be on display through the end of December. The show combines the work of seasoned professionals, passionate amateurs, and well-recognized artists from the area in a unique opportunity to experience the fullness of area art-making in a single view. Many of the participating artists will be in attendance and refreshments will be served.” Toucan is located in at 2505 Montana Avenue in downtown Billings. Show runs through 31 December.

Save Our Bees
Wednesday, 15 October 5-8 pm at GoodBean (Jacksonville, OR)

Judy Elliott will be hosting an artist reception for her silk paintings of bees to raise awareness for the plight of the honeybee. She invited me to read a section on beekeeping from my novel, The Honeylicker Angel. Join me to support her art and the cause of honeybee conservation. A bonus: organic honey mead from Fire Cirkl Brewery. A sweet eve’ indeed! (Judy’s artist talk and my reading will happen around 6 pm.)

Jacksonville Inspired
Art Reception: 10 August, 4-6 pm, The Gregg Collection (Jacksonville, OR)

A special, private show honoring the Britt Festival’s new Classical conductor, Teddy Abrams. This exhibit gathers regional artists to share their work in celebration of Jacksonville.

Spoken Image
Art Receptions: 6 June, 11 July, and 1 August, 5-8 pm each time at Enoteca (Ashland, OR)

As a poet and painter, I often combine my two loves on canvas. This exhibit celebrates the play between word and image.  Join me for the art reception in Enoteca’s Plaza tasting room during Ashland’s First Friday Art Walk where you can engage your senses: Sip wine, taste appetizers, listen to music, and look at the art. Show runs June-August, 2014.

Art Reception: 11 April 5-7 pm 2014 at Art Presence Art Center (Jacksonville, OR)

What is an environment…and what is our understanding of it? Come see local artists’ interpretations on the theme of “Environmentality.” (I’m exhibiting a collection of travel sketches.) The show runs from 3-30 April. Art Presence is located at 206 North Fifth Street.

Be.Revived: A Women’s Conference by Be.Loved
25-26 April, 2014 (Sunol, CA)

Revive: to bring back to life, to bring back to health. Come get revived at this weekend conference with guest speaker, Sue Boldt. I will be creating prophetic paintings during the worship segments led by Denise Collins. For more details and registration, visit Be.Loved.

Deep Travel Morocco: Writing Workshop
10-17 March, 2014 (Fez & Moulay Idriss, Morocco)

Join award-winning writers Erin Byrne, Christina Ammon, and guest poet, me. We will explore the ancient Fez Medina with photographer Omar Chennafi, enjoy an evening at Riad Zany of A House in Fez with authors Sandy and Suzanna Clarke. Next, we’ll travel to Moulay Idriss to visit Volubilis, one of the best preserved Roman ruins in the world, taste a stellar rosé at a well-known vineyard, and enjoy a reading celebration with Mike Richardson at Scorpion House.  Sumptuous accommodations, tasty traditional cuisine, and time for reflection and writing will inspire and revivify us all.

Take Heart: Prophetic Art Workshop
22 February 2014: Living Waters Church (Medford, OR)

During this day-long workshop, we’ll blend encounter, lecture, hands-on participation, and outreach as we adventure in the prophetic arts. We’ll examine the scriptural basis for this art form, understand the prophetic as it combines with the arts, see how artists throughout history have been prophetic, hear of contemporary practitioners and their stories, get activated in Kingdom creativity, and get the prophetic arts into our community.

Valentine Fun with Cards, Cake & Face Painting!
1 February: Terra Firma Gift (Jacksonville, OR)

Announcing an original line of Valentine cards designed by me and distributed by Eco Piggy. These cards are eco-friendly; since they’re printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks, the planet will feel your love! Come get your Valentine cards while enjoying samples from Lux Cakes and face painting by Sequoia Miller.


Small Gifts
Art Reception: 21 December, 5-8 pm at South Stage Cellars (Jacksonville, OR)

South Stage Cellars presents a holiday group exhibit featuring works by resident and featured artists from 2013. Join us for an evening of fine art, music, wine, appetizers and music. Show runs from 1 December 2013 to 1 February 2014.

Angels in Jacksonville
Art Reception: 13 December, 4-7 pm at GoodBean (Jacksonville, OR)

This holiday season, local artists will be displaying their interpretation of angels at the GoodBean in Historic Jacksonville. Come meet the artists and see their work while enjoying music and complimentary house coffee, wine, and cookies. The show runs from December 1-30.

Christmas Bazaar
23 November, 3-8 pm at Bethel College View Campus (Redding, CA)

Regional crafters and creatives will be selling their fine wares at this massive gathering of goodness. Find holiday gifts, eat great food, have fun! I’ll be singing books and selling my various card lines. Happy Holidays!

Wordbody: Drawings in Paint
Art Reception: 9 November, 5-8 pm at South Stage Cellars (Jacksonville, OR)

Join me in the South Stage Cellars tasting room as I celebrate my birthday by sharing a new art and word painting series: Wordbody: Drawings in Paint. Each painting visually expresses the progressive word/s of a single poem. On the canvases, some of those words form images, and some images extend into words. Come see for yourself while enjoying fine wine and complimentary hors d’oeuvres and cake at the reception. (Show runs 5 to 29 November.)

PeckaKucha Ashland Vol. 5: Taking Flight
27 October, 8 pm at Standing Stone Brewing Company (Ashland, OR)

A dovetailing of science and story, ten local people will present 20 images for 20 seconds each on the birds, planes, and projects that have taken wing in their lives. I’ll be presenting my children’s book for grownups, The Heart Takes Flight

An Afternoon of Sweetness: Booksigning and Honey- & Mead-Tasting
12 October, 2-5 pm, Terra Firma Gift (Jacksonville, OR)

Join us for an afternoon of sweetness! To celebrate the theme of honey, I’ll be signing my novel, The Honeylicker Angel, Sarah Red-Laird (aka the Bee Girl of beegirl.org) will be sharing honey tastings and beekeeping education, and Honeywood Winery will offer tastings of honey mead. There will also be goodies baked with honey. . . . Come enjoy the flavors!

The Honeylicker Angel: Book Reading & Signing
22 August, 6 pm, Fiasco Winery (Applegate Valley, OR)

Come savor wine and words as an award-winning vineyard and author pair up for an evening of flavor—in the glass and off the page. I’ll give a short reading from my debut novel, The Honeylicker Angel followed by a book signing. This event is free: purchase of wine and books encouraged!

Writing Conference: Writing Unto the Glory
6 June (Redding, CA)

Poetry of Praise Session by Anna Elkins: The Psalms are rich with insight and revelation—even more so when read with a basic understanding of their original Hebrew language. In this workshop, we will explore the structure of Psalm 119, which is formed by the Hebrew alphabet. We will look at the twenty-two Hebrew letters and their spiritual significance, both to open up this Psalm and to write one of our own. Enjoy discovering an alphabet of praise that can continue to inspire you as you write contemporary psalms. See website for more details.

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