Take Heart Greeting Cards

These greeting cards celebrate the art of encouragement with micropoetry and images from original watercolors. Each card is:

~ 5” x 7” (ideal for giving & framing)
~ Printed in Oregon, USA on 100 lb cardstock
~ Hand embossed in the lower, right-hand corner with my æ signature
~ Accompanied by a translucent, vellum envelope
~ Blank inside

*Though I no longer actively sell these cards online, I loved this collection so much, I decided to keep it on view here. If you are interested in purchasing a minimum card order of $50 (with free shipping/handling in the US), do contact me

Born to Fly - by Anna Elkins

Born to Fly ae001

There is sky in us
whether or not
we wear wings
we are born to fly

Break Bread - by Anna Elkins

Break Bread ae002

All who break
bread together
the communion
of beauty

Our Stories - by Anna Elkins

Our Stories ae003

Our stories—
our vessels.
What do we carry?

Taste of Love - by Anna Elkins

Taste of Love ae004

The heart—
size of apple—
sweet, crisp
taste of love.

Our Words - by Anna Elkins

Our Words ae005

If our words
create worlds
what world
will we create?

Camera of Life - by Anna Elkins

Camera of Life ae006

In the camera of life,
every negative
can one day
expose a positive

Stones of Glory - by Anna Elkins

Stones of Glory ae007

We dance in the river,
clicking lip-soft stones together,
composing a Morse code of glory.

Bowl of Stars - by Anna Elkins

Bowl of Stars ae008

You show me galaxies
and fill my bowl
with stars as

Grace Cake - by Anna Elkins

Grace Cake ae009

Grace Cake
(flavor of favor)

Tower - by Anna Elkins

Tower ae010

Like a city tower,
you draw the eye
up from narrow streets
to the wide and possible sky.