Eyes of the Heart: Prophetic Art Workshop: What is prophetic art? Can you do it? How can you use it in your church and community? Join me for a full-day workshop exploring the history, contemporary practice, and hands-on creation of prophetic art. Whether you draw stick figures or professional portraits (or don’t draw at all!) be released into greater creativity as you learn to partner with Holy Spirit and align with the Creator’s heart. I’ve taught prophetic art on several continents, and it has been an immense joy to see the varied and beautiful ways we can open the eyes of their hearts. Come play in the Presence!

Deep Travel Workshops: I am an occasional instructor for Deep Travel, which invites participants to discover that “The perfect sojourn is an elixir of camaraderie with independence, effort and relaxation, the exotic with the familiar, structure with serendipity—all accompanied with friendships forged over great food and wine.” On these adventures, you’ll find that “places speak best through the people who live in them, and so we link up with the photographers, winemakers, innkeepers, writers, chefs and residents that bridge us into the heart of a place….The goal of Deep Travel is to experience a place as fully as we can.”

Living Unlimited Gatherings: What is a Living Unlimited gathering? Call it a greenhouse for cultivating identity and destiny. A nourishing gathering without a secular-sacred divide. It’s a place of welcome whether you believe in God or are curious about knowing Him more. We will laugh. We might cry. We will serve cocktails and stories. We will eat and create together. Come spend a day with other women who are ready to live unlimited lives. You’ll leave with new friends and full hearts.

Poets & Painters is a writing and painting playground brought to you by Mindy Carpenter and me. Book us for a workshop, and spend an afternoon creating a poem and painting—the perfect activity for a girlfriend gathering, bridal shower, or an employee thank-you. We also host summer and winter pop-up shops around Southern Oregon.

Poetry of Pilgrimage “Pilgrims are poets who create by taking journeys”—Richard R. Niebuhr.

What is the difference between “see” and “seek?“ What is the quest at the heart of the question? This class will explore where writing takes us by delving beneath our surface impressions to the underglimmers, the Spirit-aquifers, and the paths of the heart. It is there—deep into the interior roads—where we make pilgrimage to the sacred with our words. [2-hour class available for booking: contact me]

Vignettes in the Vineyard In writing, a vignette is a short impressionistic scene, an illustration, a description. It captures a moment or detail. The French word vignette literally means “little vine.” I like to teach this class in a vineyard, where you’ll craft a vignette of your own—a useful skill for most any writing desires, including blogs and social media. In addition to classes I schedule, I’m happy to do a bespoke workshop for you and your friends at your favorite vineyard! [2-hour class available for booking: contact me.]

Private Classes & Consultations Would you like to take a writing or painting class with your friends? Or would you prefer a consultation or tutorial all by yourself? From talking through your book ideation to practicing the art of dailiness, I’m happy to accommodate. Contact me.