Eyes of the Heart: Prophetic Art Workshop

Watch this video on creativity by Danny Hall. Danny took the Eyes of the Heart workshop and found his creative expression in videography.

In the Book of Ephesians, we read about enlightening the eyes of our hearts. What is it to see with God’s heart? What can it look like to partner with the Holy Spirit in the arts?

During the “Eyes of the Heart” workshop, we’ll blend encounter, lecture, hands-on participation, and outreach as we adventure in the prophetic arts. We’ll examine the scriptural basis for this art form, understand the prophetic as it combines with the arts, see how artists throughout history have been prophetic, hear of contemporary practitioners and their stories, get activated in Kingdom creativity, and get the prophetic arts into our community.

This workshop is not just for those who consider themselves artists. It’s all about Presence, not performance. From stick figures to photo realism, prophetic art not only strengthens, encourages, and comforts; wait ’til you hear testimonies of salvation and healings resulting from Holy-Spirit inspired art encounters.

And whether you work in the nursery, the nursing home, or anywhere in between, this workshop will give you tools to draw out–literally and figuratively–the best in people.

Creativity is embedded within us; we were fashioned in the image of our Creator. We have a beautiful opportunity to reveal that destiny and identity to others. You’ll discover that as you continue to hear God’s voice in your creative practice, you can transform lives, including your own.

Let’s see what the Creator wants to do. Let’s open the eyes of our hearts.

–Anna Elkins


I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you... - Ephesians 1:18